Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Its Been Too Long With Way Too Little Postage!!

oh em gee!!! i'm sooo sorry i haven't been keeping up with my little piece of fashion history (don't you just love my ability to compliment myself?) =). i've been busy with school, a real social life, and the pursuit of boys (which so far has not worked out in my favor, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed!)
but all that aside, i'm back. and as part of my new year's resolution, i will try and post at least once a week. i think that's a pretty decent idea don't you? i still have lots of people who need to be linked, so i'll work on that too.
for today, i'm in the mood to talk about my fave looks. i'm way in to the girly romantic look but a touch of girly grunge. i'll start with girl romantic. see this gorgeous dress from J Mendel? it's so sweet and innocent looking. in my opinion, this is the perfect girly look. the sweet fabric is totally angelic, but its not over done. i love this look also because its simple; there aren't millions of things going on, so you see the girl, not her bootpantsbel ttwodifferentshirts jackethoodie, necklacesearring hairmakeup..oh yeah, there's a person under all that? i'm all for sweet layering, but sometimes, less really is more. my advice for getting this look is finding a pretty flowly blouse or skirt. hair should be simple; yeah, curls are really sweet, but i'm way in to tousled, fresh out of the shower waves or whatever your natural hair is. don't fight the curls or the straightness of your hair! part of what is so apealing about this look is that its' simple and PURE. don't cover yourself in makeup. just a little shimmer on your eyes, a touch of pink gloss, and maybe ONE coat of masacara, but thats all. its cold outside already, so your cheeks will be rosey with out being forced at all. perfect huh? but, sometime you don't want to be that sweet. i get it, really i do. so why not go for the super chic girly grunge? this BCBG look is grunge done right. everything is FITTED; grunge is not about drowning yourself in huge sweaters and scarves. layering is key, and showing off a bit of skin never hurt either. i'm totally drawn to this look because its stylish, its kinda sexy, its smart, and it looks totally effortless. i love love love how it shows off a lot of leg, but in a sophisticated way; you don't need a micro mini to be hot. it also covers up the chest and arms; you don't want that much skin showing in January! ok, i'll admit it, i'm a straight A honors student, but i'm way in to clothes too. as much as we don't like it and we try to fight it, people do judge you on your clothes. i know i wouldn't get the same respect i do in class from classmates or my teachers if i dressed really trashy, even though i would still know all the answers and ace the tests. this is a look you could wear out with friends, on a date, to school, and in front of older people and not look like you don't care. to get your own grunge look, stick with a two three colors or the look may be a bit overwhelming. look for things in corduroy, cozy knits, and warm fleece. hats and scarves are perfect too. you can get the look with a tee, i would go with darkwash skinny jeans, and a cozy sweater. its half attitude too; you have to sell the look. makeup, keep it minimal. as for hair, slighty messy, maybe a day out of shampoo, looks great. or a messy bun. work it girl!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Who's Been Naughty or Nice?

ugh. so this is the 2nd time i've typed this post, you'd better like it!! =) hehe. my internet is wacked so it didn't save this post. but that can't kill the holiday spirit that is filling this post. yeah ok, so its only...October, but i'm already making my Christmas list. a list that i'm about to share with you. if you don't celebrate good 'ol Xmas, then put these things on your Insert Winter Holiday Here-List. tell your relatives that you want these things, or other specific objects or adoration. grandparents are often likely to splurge on occasion, and male relatives will appreciate specific hints on what to buy you. or you can tell your boyfriend, if you have one. perhaps i should put a boyfriend on the list of wanted gifts. or a kiss in the snow or under the mistle toe (it rhymes!), but i'm getting side tracked. moving on...first on THE list, this Isabella Fiore wallet (there is a smaller wallet and wristlet as well). i mean, come has a crown, it sparkles, and its begging you to splurge. perfect for any princess. the wristlet says 'Thou Shalt Sparkle', and i don't remember what the little wallet said. they range from $125 to $195. who wouldn't love to find this in their stocking?
or in a gift box? get it at Nordstroms, since thats the only place i've seen it so far. next up, this ah-dorable watch-lace (watch + necklace) from the beloved Marc Jacobs. i have an obession with his stuff. anyways, this watchlace come in red, sliver, or gold stars, green, silver, or gold apples, yellow pears, or a classic blue buable. they range from $100 to $125, depending on where you buy it. Nordstroms stocks, and Saks and Niemans pressumable too. no one in their right mind needs this, but heck, its from MJ, the numbers where replaced with M A R C, and its sooo cute. if you have a good memory, these where featured in Teen Vogue a few months ago. yum yum yummy! i will def be begging for one of these. next up, the lovely Micheal Stars. i could seriously be fashionable happy if i was only allowed to wear these shirts from now on. and that, let me tell you, takes a really good product for me to claim that. they are perfect because they come in a gah-zillion different styles (seriously, they do) and, even cooler, each style has its own unique color palette. thats a lot of choices. the fabrics range from the traditional 'shine' fabric, to cotton, to cashmere. perfect to buy the girls, because you will find one for every friends. they have a 'one size fits most' thing, but really everyone can find the cut or style that works. prices are from $26 and up, (most are $32-$54). i say, stock up. you can find them at some boutiques, or at the Micheal Stars website. perfect perfect. moving new fab fave fragrance is, guess..MJ once again. his new limited edition Violet is great. it kind of has a Chanel. No 5 essence, but younger and more air-y. i know i've featured it before...but i love it so much i'm showing it again. its a mix of, and i quote, 'Bergamot, Peony, Orchid, Labdanum, Orris, Cashmere Accord, Violet, Cedar Wood, Vanilla, Creamy Musk, Gingerbread'. its $65 from Sephora, but its worth the money. you get a HUGE bottle of it. its so light and fresh, you can wear it anytime and everyday. i, being the big romantic that i am, like to think of it as being subtle, so that you can only when smell it if i'm in your arms....gosh i'm sappy. i'll be one of those people who writes love novels when i'm older and they get made in to cheesy but adorable movies. like The Notebook, so sappy but so sweet. wow, really sidetracked there. ok, other gifts to ask for? how bout a mani/pedi with mom or your BFF. a facial can be great too. best if you share the gift with someone, ya know, girl bonding time. i hope this post has inspired you to start sending a list to dear old Santa or your parents or grandparents or who ever else brings you presents. happy early holidays everyone! its the best time of year...xxoo

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

East Coast to Cali to Cold to Colder

i'm feeling a bit random today, so please excuse the very random post. it is my fall break this week, and i'm must admit that i'm bit random since i've gotten proper sleep. my first period teacher agrees that is unconstitual for high schoolers to start school at 7:20 am. but moving on from that, i've just gotten back from LA and Disneyland. fun stuff, and i've got quite a bit to say about LA fashion (i'm an East Coast girl, even though i don't live there). and this weekend, i'm off to Aspen, so i'll be blogging about couture design when i get back. wow, that sounds spoiled. 'yeah i went to LA and Aspen, ya know, the usually'. ugh. i'm really not spoiled. well, i am, but not in a super sweet sixteen way. i live in Colorado, so Aspen is close. and i'm only in 14, i don't wear designer clothes (i have a few pieces, but thats it). ANYWAYS, moving on, here's my post. isn't this bag beyond amazing? it is sooooo Luella. at first i thought it was Luella when i saw it. but its not. and it was only $15 in Venice Beach CA. it was a weird place to go, between the street preformers, people with neon purple-pink hair, and the druggies in the street, but it was cool. there were people from Mexico, Jamaica, other cool countries. the stores where weird but fun. my brothers got these warrior things that are made from scrape metal and are one of a kind. aside from my Luella-esque bag, i got an ah-mazing purple hip scarg with gold coins and beadwork for bellydancing. my point is, A) go to Venice Beach if you ever go or are in California. but i made a few observation. while wandering around, i noticed the 'girl'. its like a style, a culture. and i must say, i didn't like it. it is basically this: tight jeans (sometimes ripped) with flats and striped or polka dot shirt, sometimes a mod necklace or earrings, and always BIG sunglasses. i have no problem with this look at all. its just that these girl try soooo hard to be unique, they all end up looking the same. attractive huh? nope. i don't think so. being unique shouldn't have to hard. if you like a shirt, then wear it. thats more unique than wearing something that you wear just because everyone else wears it too. anyways, i'll have more for you when i get back from Aspen. or perhaps sooner. lemme know if you want to link trade! xxoo